MyFitnessPal App Reviews

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Practical, easy to use

Great application that permits easy tracking of food consumption and really does help with weight loss

Great app, outstanding food database!

Its all in the title... easy to use, so simple to find foods and the barcode reader is a real gem...

3rd party apps issue ?

Used to work in previous version, but since the latest one, the calories burnt information coming my Garmin account is not synched anymore (actually it is but disappears a some point during the day). Please fix it. Thanks.


A really helpful app for the fast diet. Amazing amount of calorie info, plus bar code reader. Couldnt diet without it. Very motivating.

The best!

The best for tracking what and how eat along. A lot of information with many added value which will help you to monitor your health.

Very very good one pound fish


Very simple

Good informations

Super App. FAST alles enthalten



Funktioniert nach dem Update wieder ohne Probleme

"My Fitness Pal"

This app is amazing and is helping me shape and tone the best physique that money cant buy!


Easy to use and informative

So easy to use!!

I love this app!! Its so easy to use; I love being able to scan my food and not enter everything manually. The serving size options makes it difficult sometimes but that would be my only complaint! This app keeps to accountable to my food goals!

Great app

Really helps me to realize exactly what/how much I am consuming in a day.

User friendly

Very easy to find foods to log

Great app

This app is fantastic! It helped me lose 20 lbs! Just keeping track of your calories does wonders


Love love love! Im so motivated to track my meals daily and see how much more calories I can have after a work out! I love that i can keep track of the maco nutrients and not only think of calories but also overall nutritional value


Love this app. Its easy to use and has kept me on track with my food and exercise. I would recommend this to anyone.

My fitness pal

Great app !!

Was 5 star

Was 5 star before you had to pay for some features. Still awesome though, but would like those feature for free to bring back up

My Fitness Pal

I Love this app. It is fast and easy to use. A very big help with figuring out calories and food intake.

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