Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal App Reviews

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Love this app!

Easy to use & I love this app!

Great for an average user

myfitnesspal is a fantastic app for people looking to eat healthier. I like to eat… a lot. myfitnesspal has been indispensable in helping me understand and manage my calorie and macro intake. Just being able to enter the foods I eat and quickly see where my daily intake is at is a huge motivator. Also, if you are using a specific diet, you can customize your macro intake goals as well (the percent of carbs, protein and fat that your diet should be made of). It also has optional connectivity to social media so you can share, and be held accountable for, your progress. It also links with Apple’s Health app so you can collect your exercises, walking, eating, and other health info all in one spot. I dont own an Apple Watch or any kind of wearable tech so I cant say how it interacts with those, but for someone just looking to eat a little better, its been great! More detailed planning and tracking is available for a price but, I’m good with the free stuff. Could not recommend it enough!

Excellent App

Excellent app. Just about any food you can think of is in here. I really appreciate the nutritional breakdown. I would buy the full version for a reasonable 1 time flat fee but wont pay $10 monthly.

Fantastic app, can make a huge difference!

If you stick to it closely, it can be the key to weight loss. Ive lost almost 70lbs now through tracking and making sure Im not over-eating. Its not easy, but this software makes it simple, and possible!

Between a 3 & 5

Rates a 5 on days with no bugs. 3 because of the bugs syncing to Polar Flow. Using for 100 days straight so it must be doing something right. This and p90x3 helped me loose 21lbs over that time.

Love this app!

My go to track food, macros and my goals

Low quality

There are a lot of apps proving far more for far less money. Id stay away. Currently using FatSecret and am very happy ☺️

Very helpful

Its clear that I manage to eat well and exercise much more frequently when using this app than when I am not using it.

Great app

Im so much more mindful of what I eat since using this app. Its extremely helpful for losing or maintaining weight. I dont enter my exercise or use it to track my exercise just calories in!

Extreme battery hog

I have been trying to figure out why my iPhone 6 and now my iPhone 7 battery life has been so short for months now. Apparently this app runs in the background non-stop because in a single charge this app took 53% of my batter life and over the course of 7 days it took 49%. The next closest app took 5%. Whatever this app is doing in the background is crushing the battery life.. at least on iPhones. I love the app, but will not install again until this is fixed and thats why I am rating 1 star.

Helpful app!

Love that it stores my past meals and scans bar codes. Definitely has helped me lose weight and keep motivated. There are some bugs but hopefully it will all be worked out in time.

Great app for monitoring intake

I especially appreciate the bar code integration. Just take a picture,adjust quantity and youve got your calories

Amazing tool

It has helped me so much into developing healthier eating habits. Its very easy to use and to keep track of all my meals.


Currently crashes every time I try to upload a recipe from the web.

Awesome app

I live this app. I live by it. I log all of my meals, exercise, and water intake on a daily basis. The best part about this app, is that its so user friendly. Ive lost 73 pounds since I have started using the app.

Useful Calorie Tracker!

I have found this app easy to use. I have not used the ad-free version yet, but have found the basic utility quite helpful.

I need something more basic

Is there something similar but without the newsfeed? Like JUST calorie counting?

Great App

I like the improvements, I know getting all the foods and restaurants are nearly impossible, but getting a good amount of them is a great thing. Thanks

Absolutely love this app keeps me in line. Works with my Fitbit

Really keeps me in line with what Im eating Im conscious of my calories and I am losing weight and I think everyone should get it

Super App

This makes it really easy to count calories, and thats the only way to truly monitor your progress with weight control.

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